I got a new set of wireless flash triggers that I wanted to try out, and for want of an available model I had to use myself.

I don’t really like having my picture taken and I tend to wear my standard cheesy grin in most photos, but I wanted something different for this self portrait, something, dare I say it… cool.

So I tried to recreate the Dirty Harry poster, but instead of Clint Eastwood with his .44 Magnum it’s Andrew Wragg with his 70-200mm F4 L, you’d better be worried punk!

After my first attempt I added a clipping mask to the image and recreated the black and white effect, but the camera angle was way too high and the end of the lens just wasn’t imposing enough. So I went back to the drawing board and took some more shots,

I’ve included all three attempts along with the original Clint photo, which do you think is best?

Dirty Harry - 1st attempt

Dirty Harry – 1st attempt

Dirty Harry - 2nd attempt

Dirty Harry – 2nd attempt

Dirty Harry - 3rd attempt

Dirty Harry – 3rd attempt

The real Dirty Harry

The real Dirty Harry